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File:Edda.jpg|thumb|Print edition of Snorri's Edda of 1666 '''Snorri Sturluson'''The Old Norse/Icelandic language|Icelandic spelling of the name is ''Snorri Sturluson''. ''Snorri Sturlason'' is the modern Norwegian language|Norwegian and ''Snorre Sturlasson'' the modern Swedish language|Swedish spelling. For the construction of the name (a patronymic), see Icelandic name|Icelandic naming conventions. English no longer features this type of name, except as a foreign word. Anglicization of Scandinavian names is not standard and varies a great deal. Encyclopedias and dictionaries nearly all list Snorri under his Icelandic name. Books and articles may use Snorre Sturleson, Snorri Sturlusson, Snorre Sturlson, Snorri Sturlson, in addition to his Norwegian and Swedish names. (; 1179 – 23 September 1241) was an Icelandic historian, poet, and politician. He was elected twice as lawspeaker at the Icelandic parliament,...
Birth date{{birth-date|1179}}
Birth place:is:Hvammur í Dölum|Hvammur, Dalasýsla, Iceland
Death date{{death-date and age|23 September 1241|1179}}
Death placeReykholt, Western Iceland|Reykholt, Iceland
OccupationLawspeaker, author, poet, historical, politician
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